Damon or Regular Braces?

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Re: Damon or Regular Braces?

#16 Post by drleonsu » Wed Jul 12, 2017 6:53 pm

Damon brackets are just as good as regular brackets, but the same is true the other way around. It really depends on the skill of the doctor. Damon brackets belongs in the self-ligating type of brackets, which has a door that closes down to keep the wire in the bracket. Because of that, it ensures that the wire is fully engaged to the bracket, resulting a faster aligning stage. So you will see your teeth get straight faster in very crowded teeth. However, it does have drawbacks. Finishing and detailing can be tougher and takes longer if the doctor isn't skillful enough. Damon is also not just referring to the bracket itself. It is a discipline, a style of orthodontic treatment that involves certain wire shapes, bracket design/prescription, and protocols to follow. They often advertise faster treatment because they preach arch development/slow expansion, leading to less extractions. You don't have to spend time to close extraction spaces so the average treatment time is less. It's a great system, but every system, whether it's on traditional or self ligating brackets, has it's pros and cons. As an orthodontist, we need to be skillful enough and choose whichever one that will give our patients the best outcome.

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