Ortho treatment at same time as child

If your child is in any stage of orthodontic treatment, this is a place to connect with other parents in your situation. Please note: this is a forum for adults only -- kids may not post here!

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Ortho treatment at same time as child

#1 Post by Raerae2639 »

Anyone else receiving treatment at the same time as their child? My 7 y.o. ds has his W-band expander in and I am headed in for my surgery to activate my expander next week. We commiserate in missing popcorn together.

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Re: Ortho treatment at same time as child

#2 Post by Aspiring »

It's fairly common, I'm told. Adult has an issue that they'll get around to "someday." Then they have a child and take the child in because it's the right time, and while they're thinking about the kid they get around to making an appointment for themselves as well.

That's sort of how it went for me. I developed significant TMJD and "someday'd" for about six months. Took my kid and myself at the same time. I had removable appliances for the first ten months so I wasn't on the braces diet. Now that I have fixed appliances, my kid is very excited that I officially can't have gum. Even though I was physically incapable of it before, now I'm not allowed and somehow that makes it better for her.

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Re: Ortho treatment at same time as child

#3 Post by Rebeccasmells »

Did you get a discount

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Re: Ortho treatment at same time as child

#4 Post by momo2015 »

I've had braces on for 4 years (coming off soon, thank goodness), and my 9yo got an expander last week with upper braces coming in about a month. I was the patient in the chair next to him when he got the expander put in :D

What surgery are you having, a SARPE? I had upper jaw surgery in December, didn't have to deal with an expander though.

To the person who asked, my ortho does give a discount family treating at the same time.

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Re: Ortho treatment at same time as child

#5 Post by erin5550 »

My 12 year old son got his expander and top braces on August 9, and I got mine on March 9. I figured if I had to take him to appointments every few weeks I might as well go ahead and knock mine out. My 10-year-old daughter also have a consult the same day I had mine. The ortho wants to wait another year to re-evaluate her. Her brother needed phase 1 & 2. She only needs phase 2. He had a lot of crowding and she's more gappy, like me. The ortho does give a small discount.

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Re: Ortho treatment at same time as child

#6 Post by Beckett »

My then 10 year old and I had treatment that overlapped for a good 8 months. It was kind of fun, getting our appointments together and comparing what colors we chose. One month we each got ligatures in our Hogwarts house colors. He was doing a phase one treatment, so in a few years when he has all his adult teeth he'll be headed for a full set of two year brackets all by himeself because I will be done by then!
Braces for 18 months/4 days.


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Re: Ortho treatment at same time as child

#7 Post by metalmouthmama »

My 8 year old started her Phase 1 treatment for a crossbite in May 2017. She got an expander and partial braces on her upper central and lateral incisors. I had been wanting braces since I was in middle school when all my friends had them but never got them as a kid due to finances. I kept putting it off as an adult because my issues "weren't bad enough" in my mind and for some reason I felt self-conscious about the idea getting braces at my age. Seeing my daughter go through her treatment gave me the push I needed to make an appointment for myself! So here I am, fully braced at 39. I got my top braces on in August 2017 and the bottom braces on in November. I have a total sentence of approximately 18 months. My daughter, on the other hand, is getting her Phase 1 set of braces off next week! I'm already seeing a huge difference and am so glad I finally took the plunge.

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Re: Ortho treatment at same time as child

#8 Post by Bracefacemom47 »

We overlapped by a month, different orthos. It was very awkward for me going to her ortho appts with my braces on from another ortho.

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Re: Ortho treatment at same time as child

#9 Post by liner »

Yup. Me and my 14 and 15 year olds are all in treatment together.
To be quite honest, at first I was so embarrassed but now proud!
My daughter and I are in invisalign and close to completion and my son is in braces to fix a bite. He has bottom braces and getting top soon.
He had a carrier on the top and he is supposed to wear elastics with it and then the top braces go on soon. I don't think he has been wearing the elastics much, even though I nag him, so the carrier likely didn't do much. I hope he will be out of braces in a year.
My daughter is not as compliant as I am with invisialign so she will likely need longer than me when her treatment (which was very minor and ortho said she can get it or not) was shorter than mine. Oh well, they need to learn and face the consequences.

Yes, my ortho offerred a $500 discount for each family member.
I am in Toronto.
With coordination of benefits, I don't pay anything, which is so good since ortho treatment is sooo expensive!

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Re: Ortho treatment at same time as child

#10 Post by Jami1 »

I have 2 in braces and I joined them! I have heard it is quite common as well!

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Re: Ortho treatment at same time as child

#11 Post by hkusptac »

My son and I are also in treatment together. However we have different orthodontists. He has damon self litigating braces and I have traditional braces. His smile looks amazing compared to mine but there were certain difficulties leading me to no get damons at the time. He is also much younger and his teeth and bones are more malleable but I am super happy with my progress so far.

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