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Hiding your Email Address is Recommended

Posted: Wed Dec 28, 2005 7:34 pm
by bbsadmin
Dear new and existing members,

To help protect your privacy, I recommend that you hide your email address in your profile. This means that other members will not be able to freely see your email address. As webmaster, I can always see you email address, but I will be the only other member who can do so.

Hiding your email address from others is easy. When you register, you will see an option that says "Always Show My Email Address." Just check "No" and nobody will be able to see your email address. It's as simple as that. You can hide your email address upon registration, or anytime you are logged in. Just go to your profile to change the option.

Do not change or delete your email address after you register, because by some PhPbb quirk, that will de-activate your account and I will have to re-activate you manually.

Why am I recommending that you hide your email address? Obviously SPAM is one big reason. The other is to protect your privacy from people with a braces fetish that sometimes find their way onto this board and begin trying to contact female members.

For the record, I also recommend that you do not give other information in your profile, such as your AIM or Instant Message ID, etc.

I'm just looking out for the wellbeing of this board's members.

Thanks for listening,
Lynn the Site Webmaster