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Things that Newly Registered Users should know

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 11:41 pm
by bbsadmin
When you first register on this message board, you are automatically put into a group called Newly Registered Users. You may notice that your user name is in the color red, which is designated for new users. This group has limited privileges on the message board until at least 5 posts are made. For example, you cannot post any links, send private messages, use a signature, or attach files to your posts.

After you make 5 posts, you will notice that your user name turns the color green. At that point, you are considered a full registered user and have full user privileges on the message board.

Please note that the first 5 posts you make CANNOT be made in the Testing123 area, because those posts are automatically deleted after a few days.

Another thing you must know: if you register, but do not make a post within one day, your account will be deleted. If your account is deleted, you may register again. But if we notice that you keep registering over and over again, and not posting, we will ban you.

This is all necessary to help us control spammers and assess your account and your intentions on the message board.

Thank you for understanding.