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Rules for Editing and Deleting Posts

Posted: Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:09 pm
by bbsadmin
Here are the rules surrounding editing and deleting of posts:

1. Only regular registered members may edit their posts. Newly registered members -- new members who have made less than 7 posts -- may not edit or delete their own posts.

2. Registered members are able to EDIT their posts for ONE HOUR after posting. After that ONE HOUR has expired, the time frame for editing the post will have passed and the post will not be able to be edited anymore.

3. Registered members are able to DELETE their posts within ONE HOUR of making the post. After that ONE HOUR has expired, the post cannot be deleted by anyone except the board Admin.

These rules may seem arbitrary, but I have good valid "Admin-type" reasons for having them. I'm sure you'll find this reasonable, and it's certainly better than the old way -- which was that nobody could edit or delete their posts at all.