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Some General Rules and Guidelines

Posted: Sun Aug 29, 2004 2:50 pm
by bbsadmin
Everyone hates rules, but sometimes they're necessary to prevent chaos. So here it goes:

1. No fetish posts, sales posts, or spam posts allowed. Period. Postings of these types will be deleted, and the posters will be permanently banned from the site. Spammers will be reported to the authorities.

2. Please don't flame each other. If you don't have something constructive to say, keep your hands off the keyboard. Keep it respectful.

3. Don't post under multiple user names. I see everyone's IP address, so if you have multiple aliasas, it will be no secret. Doing that could result in you being banned from the board. Nobody is ever anonymous here. I can see and obtain IP addresses for non-registered "lurkers" as well as registered members.

4. Post personal information at your own risk. I do not like playing the role of "Message Board Police." If you post your email address, and then start telling people exactly where you live, your real name, your web site, and other personal information, etc, you are risking your privacy. Some people's websites have all sorts of personal info, so be careful about what links you provide! Especially if you are under age 18. All types of people surf the web. Some of them are not honest. Think before you type. And in that vain...

5. Users who harrass other members will be banned from the site. Period.

6. SPECIAL NOTE TO THE UNDER-18 CROWD: While this site is mainly designed for adults, it's OK if kids and teens post sometimes. But here's a special note to our members who are under 18: don't post too much personal information. Weirdos lurk everywhere on the web, and this site is no exception. Please don't post your address, your real name, or give a link to a web site that has this sort of information. Be careful who you email. Just please be careful. Less info is always better. I don't want this site being the vehicle for a tragedy.

I think that about covers everything. :roll: