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Invisalign Letdown
by Melinda, age 48

At the tender age of 48 I had this big idea that I would like to improve the minor crowding in my upper and lower teeth. I had a slight over bite as well. Otherwise no major problems. So my girlfriend had Invisalign braces and I was sitting on top of a very generous unused orthodontic benefit from my employer and I thought, Oh okay, gloriously sexy straight teeth, here I come.

After nine months of Invisalign my teeth are still crowded and now my bite is messed up! My rear teeth don't meet in the back anymore. My orthodontist contacted the Invisalign folks and they said they would give me some "refining" trays at no extra charge (oh how very generous of them) but my ortho told me, if I really wanted perfect teeth, I was going to have to go with traditional braces. 

Fortunately for me she was willing to write off the cost of the Invisaligns against the arch wires, but it will be at a loss to her, more expense to me (even with the write off), and tons more time invested on my part.

If I had to do it over again I would have never gone with Invisalign. My ortho made the very best recommendation she could at the time of my consult and no one would have ever been able to guess we would have such a crummy outcome.

Editor's note: Invisalign works well in some cases, but it isn't for everyone. Complicated cases sometimes additionally need traditional braces after Invisalign treatment. It is always a good idea to get several orthodontic consultations to identify the best treatment options for your specific case.

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