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Sue Ellen is 33 and lives in Sydney, Australia. She has been wearing braces since August, 2003. 

Sue Ellen says, "I decided to get braces after years of hating a protruding canine and other slight crookedness. I had actually intended to have bonding or veneers instead, after seeing the fantastic job our dentist did for two of my siblings. However, after some discussion I decided to go with partial braces to get the teeth straight, then think about bonding/veneers after that.

"I have braces on twelve teeth at the top only. They are Viazis brackets, which are low friction, fast acting braces, similar to "speed braces". I will probably only be in them for 6 - 8 months total. They are for cosmetic changes only; I'm not having any bite correction or alignment.

"Since getting the braces I haven't really had any problems. They were sore for a week or so after they went on, and for a day after my first wire change, but mostly they've been pretty good. I guess I'm at an advantage since I still have un-braced teeth on my bottom jaw, which means I can usually still bite (carefully) and chew even when the teeth are sore.

"The pre-braces photo was taken the day before they went on. The braces photo was taken this week, 3 months into treatment. They're not great photos so it's hard to see the change, but there has been amazing change in the protruding tooth and in the one beside it, which was partially twisted behind the canine. The front teeth are slowly tilting forwards also."

Sue Ellen's teeth before braces. 


Sue Ellen's teeth, three months into treatment


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