My First Day in Braces

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Sondra from Texas

36 and braced? 

I always wanted to have braces. Basically for 2 reasons, One, I thought braces looked really cool and two, my teeth are horribly crooked. I always dreamed of that perfect smile. Finally, at 36, I took the plunge. I was extremely excited the day of my appointment and couldn't wait to start my 2-1/2 year journey. I was very anxious to get those spacers out!!! I had 3 previous appointments before this one, consultations and molds and records were taken, but the day had finally come. I sat in that chair thinking that I was going to look so cute in my new silver metal look! They spread my mouth open with a lip stretcher, I sat there thinking that my lips were never going to look normal again! 

They prepared my teeth with 3 different things, which by the way, were nasty tasting. He carefully positioned each bracket and then zapped them with a blue light thing. When that was done, they wired me up. I could feel "tightness" each time he placed the wire in the bracket. In about an hour I was done! Top and bottom done! It was the weirdest feeling I have ever known! The pressure was kinda weird, but bearable! I was ready to get out of that chair and see my new look, after all, I loved wearing silver and it looks good on me! 

Finally! Mirror time! I looked into that mirror and was appalled at what I saw staring back at me! Who the heck was that? I looked hideous! My braces were all over, up down, up, down was horrible! (editor's note: I had the same reaction when mine first went on because they were not in line with each other, either). They looked huge in my mouth. Surely "the sample brackets" were much smaller! "What have I done?" was all that I could think. He reassured me and told me that teeth moved very quickly and in 2 weeks time the brackets should be about even with each other, so the "pumpkin look" wouldn't be for long. I was soooo embarrassed. My 16-year-old son was the first to see me. "TRAIN WRECK!" were the first words that came out of his mouth!!! I knew then I was in for a LONG haul!

The first week was horrible. I couldn't and still can't close my mouth completely. I have a deep bite and my top braces hit my bottom brackets before my jaw closes. Eating has been everything but interesting. Mash Potatoes, oatmeal and cream of wheat are the existence of what diet I have left. It produced a weight loss of about 5 lbs.!!! No complaints there :) Because of the back hoe that I thought was hard at work digging out my cheeks and my tongue getting stuck on my band, I was beginning to question the decision I made.

I am anxiously looking forward to the goal ahead, but wax and Motrin are close at my side for the present time. This is week 2 for me and I have to admit it is much, much better. I don't have to use wax anymore, eating is getting better and I am not so embarrassed about my braces being crooked. My teeth have moved considerably in the last week and the "pumpkin look" is just about gone. I am completely satisfied with the decision I made and feel it was well worth the money. :) However, I might feel differently the next time he ties them down!!

Go for it!!!

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